Making Access to Financial Services Possible (MAP)

MAP is a multi-country financial diagnostic programme that, by providing data at the country level, offers a powerful platform to encourage private sector investments in expanding financial inclusion, by supporting critical market data-driven investment decisions and establishing an enabling environment to incentivize those investments. It is a powerful engine for South-South cooperation, fostering peer-to-peer learning among countries, by leveraging global platforms like the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, or regional ones like ASEAN, SADC or the West African UEMOA. MAP impact on the Addis Agenda by helping unlock domestic resources, by transitioning informal savings into the formal system and expanding access of domestic lending for the real economy, and by attracting private foreign investments to support financial inclusion through north as well as south-based investors.

MAP adopts a livelihood approach, moving from an institutional or product perspective, to understand financial inclusion in the context of people’s lives and realities. This is done through detailed integrated demand-side research that can be disaggregated to better understand gender, age, spatial and other dimensions of access and use. This enables interventions that can better contribute to the sustainability of livelihoods. MAP supports global initiatives on financial

June 2016
Financial Inclusion